Friday, March 30, 2018

Feast or Famine

When I worked in Los Angeles in the effect business we talked a lot about feast or famine. We either had so much work that it was nearly impossible to get it all done or we had absolutely nothing. Sometimes it would waver back and forth between the two on a weekly or even daily basis. I have had my share of this working as a freelance artist as well. So many job requests coming in all at the same time that I have to start turning them down or huge stretches of no emails. It is never easy and sometimes the famine times can really undermine your morale and take a wack at your self esteem.

Now that I am focusing more on my own project I expected a little more of an even road when it came to work. I would be wrong. The work I am doing now is larger and more complex than anything I have done in a while and I am really throwing myself into it. Also, the day job has really be ramping up and a lot is coming at me from that direction. Then there is life stuff, travel, events, things, etc. I have found myself in many ways in a time of feast of my own making and while I can control it, I can do less I seem to just add more on and double down on making art. It is as if I have learned nothing! Kidding aside, while I am busy, being busy because I am in control of it feels a WHOLE LOT better and different then when I am busy from over committing to others.

What I am also saying is that I am really super busy and somehow I keep posts going here on the blog. Even when that means I am making a blog about being busy and not having time to put up a blog post. Funny how that works. Just so there is a little more substance to this post, here are some sneak peek images of what I am currently working on. They are super close images and hopefully do not give too much away...

Process images © 2018 Christopher Burdett

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here next week. Until then...

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