Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gen Con 2015: Wait, what day is it?!

This is normally where I would post a story or two and some images from my journey to Gen Con and maybe some stuff from the set up. Well, I am already worn out and have had an amazing time and things have not even started yet. It looks like my coverage of Gen Con 2015 is going to have to wait till after Gen Con has concluded. Set up was brutally hot this year and it took a toll on everyone. I did get set up with only a few things left to do. I am really excited and it has already been an unexpected adventure!

95% set up and ready for the ride ahead!

Fear naught, I will be sure to cover the convention in when the dust settles. I will be sure to take lots on images and record as much of the comings and goings as I can from the best four days in gaming.

See you back here when the dust of Gen Con settles! Until then...

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