Thursday, June 27, 2013

Illustration Master Class 2013 - Day 6

Day 6 of the 2013 Illustration Master Class! ...and things just got SERIOUS. Day 6 is the last full work day at IMC and for some it is the last full work day, night, and following morning. You can really feel the excitement and tension on Day 6 as everyone is painting under a looming deadline. From the very beginning it is made clear that a finished painting is not the goal of IMC, but rather the learning, the experimentation, failing and succeeding, and the bond of friendship. It is not about the painting produced at IMC, it is about the next three paintings you create after returning home.

Day 6 started off with the always entertaining creature design lecture and demonstration by Iain McCaig. This year he designed a giant gassy clam thing with many eyes and legs. Or at least that was what we forced him to cobble together as he threw out questions to those attending.

Day 6 was group picture day as well. Instead of the usual outdoor shot we all ventured over to the museum and had our picture taken amount the monsters. Funny that I should find myself here twice when I had not know about it previously to the day before.

The faculty was making a last push with the rest of us and many of them were in the studios giving advice, demoing, and cheering us on into the night while we all made a last push to get some art made. The downstairs studio was on fire the night of Day 6. The energy was high and there was a lot of activity and excitement. I have not seen anything like that at IMC before. It felt like the majority of attending students had all congregated to our studio.

The night was capped off with Greg Manchess giving us the chance to sit in on a reading from his book project he is working on. After an overview and history of his project, Greg, Marc Scheff, and Scott Fischer read from a section of the book as Greg flipped through the corresponding drawings on the big screen. It was a real treat and a one of a kind opportunity to take part in. I can't wait for Greg to complete his project and release it to the world!

Here are some images from Day 6 of IMC... 

The wily giant gassy clam thing with many eyes and legs...

Picture time with massive mammals.

The camera crew was set up and ready to go.

We all crowded in and said, "IMC".

Though the week started off rainy and dark (which made it easy to stay in and work) by the end of the week the weather in Amherst had become very nice (which did not make it easy to stay in and work).

Here is a closeup of Sean Murray's minotaur... RAWR! So awesome!

Rebecca Guay giving an impromptu watercolor demo for Ania Mohrbacher.

Downstairs painting studio the night of Day 6.

Marc Scheff give a enthusiastic thumbs up for the excitement in the downstairs studio.

Greg Manchess gives an impromptu demonstration of painting a portrait in oils.

Sean Murray hard at work throwing down color on this massive drawing.

The upstairs painting studio seemed a little like a ghost town compared to the crush of people downstairs.

Greg Manchess talking about his polar bears and the adventure that began with this one painting.

That is all for another exciting Thursday on the blog, see you back here tomorrow for Day 7 coverage! Until then...

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