Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Illustration Master Class 2013 - Day 5

Day 5 of the 2013 Illustration Master Class! By Day 5 breakfast was becoming a strange mix of people who got went to bed the night before and those who were still up and would be going to bed after breakfast. I was somewhere in the middle of those extremes and was not making it to breakfast by this point in the week. By Day 5 I was also confident that even if I fell ill now I had gotten a lot out of the week and I had avenged my experience last year... of course it took five days to feel like I was not going to fall ill at any moment.

Funny thing about Amherst University... they have dinosaurs. They have dinosaurs and no one told me... until now. After three years (though last year kinda does not count) someone spoke up and mentioned that there were dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals a 30 second walk from the studios. I kid you naught... 30 seconds is all it took to walk from one building to the next. There is a three story display gallery featuring some really nice specimens. Of course, anything like this is complete awesome to me and I eat it up. After morning lecture and lunch, Sam Flegal and I went forth in search of monsters... The museum is a great untapped resource for IMC and in if I return I will make a bigger point to get people over there to look at good animal and creature reference. Upon our return our tales of monsters and dinosaurs prompted additional groups set out.

Oh... I guess there was a lot of painting and working happening on Day 5 as well. There was a strong encouragement by the faculty that if students had not begun painting that is was NOW TIME. Since there are students at every skill level at IMC those attending might be getting their first real look at the time and work that really goes into making a professional level painting. This might mean that they need to pretty much start over with their drawing, shot reference, work out a composition, prep their surface, and then start painting. Hence folks still being at a drawing level stage at Day 5.

As an added bonus the 'Taste of Amherst' festival going on in downtown Amherst which is a 3 minute walk from our dorms. They had fried dough...

Here are some images from Day 5 of IMC... 

A very strange... vehicle was outside the art studios the morning of Day 5. It was there a short time and then gone...

Prehistoric mammals! Big and small! The kinds that would eat your face and those that would just step on you! RAWR!

A wily Smilodon... or saber-toothed cat.

A bear... I wonder if it was a prickly bear?

The continuing adventures of moose and mammoth...

I never have enough Hadrosaurids in my life.

T-Rex skulls NEVER get old. Now that is a good monster.

Amherst has an AMAZING collection of dinosaur foot prints and skin imprints on display.

More prehistoric mammals of every size and shape! RAWR!

They also had some stuff that his closer to home...

I will love him and squeeze him and call him 'George'.

Speaking of good monsters! This is why I never go into the water when playing D&D.

A look at the downstairs painting studio on Day 5.

The before mentioned fried dough... with fresh local strawberries. Treat yourself!

Sam Flegal is gearing up on the under painting of his epic viking battle.

Marc Scheff is duel wielding assignments... LIKE A BOSS!

Sean Murray has started throwing down some ink on his epic piece.

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here tomorrow for Day 6 coverage! Until then...

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  1. I love that the doughy, strawberry things (I'd call them Clamhersts) fit right in with the monsters a la Ma Natur :)

    There are lots of reasons to never go in the water anywhere/anytime!

    1. The Clamhersts never stood a chance against our might masticating attack. NOMS NOMS NOMS.

      I was raised in the Gulf of Mexico, so water is like a second home for me... but in D&D... NO WAY.