Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Illustration Master Class 2013 - Day 4

Day 4 of the 2013 Illustration Master Class! My fears of getting sick this year had finally begun to dissipate as my painting slowly took shape and was moving slowly but surely in the right direction. Around Day 4 is when the days all start blurring together. The night get later, the mornings later, and the work and festivities in between get more frantic and fun. New friendships are taking shape and old friendships are getting strengthened. In the immortal words of Sean Murray, "We are spending a years worth of time with people in the span of a week." Sean could not be more correct.

James Gurney was still at IMC on Day 4 and gave his second lecture. Afterwards he toured the studios and captured time lapse video of some the the folks working. Marc Scheff who has been at my side more or less for the last three IMCs was one of the lucky one to get documented in the time lapse video. Speaking of James Gurney and his video... he has a link, photos, and words over on his BLOG about the 2013 IMC. Go check it out and come back... I can wait.

As the week moves a long the lectures lessen and instructor time in the studios increases. Or that's how it felt this year. People are anxious to be working and to have face time with the faculty to talk about art and in some cases much more (thanks Scott!). It also feels like I have much more concrete things to say about IMC earlier in the week because as the week progresses there is less "and then we all did this thing" and more of "we all worked on illustrations for hours and hours and it flew by". I think that is why I take so many photos, to remind myself...

Here are some images from Day 4 of IMC... 

A look at Donato Giancola palette...

James Gurney prepares to give his Imaginative Realism lecture... which NEVER gets old.

Marc Scheff (who sat to my right all week) getting filmed by James Gurney. Gurney's rig is all custom made out of Lego and PVC pipe. An impressive bit of gear to say the least!

Sam Flegal (who sat to my left all week) hard at work on his HUGE viking battle piece. He spent a lot of time refining and working up his drawing before painting and it really has paid off.

Downstairs painting studio on Day 4. WORK WORK WORK!

Greg Manchess giving a painting demo as he starts his own 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea piece.

Upstairs painting studio on Day 4. WORK WORK WORK!

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell's paintings are moving right along.

Digital studio on Day 4. WORK WORK WORK!

As I leave the studio for the night everyone is still hard at work...

That is all for another exciting Tuesday on the blog, see you back here tomorrow for Day 5 coverage! Until then...

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