Friday, October 14, 2011

Meeting Notes on the run...

I am post from my super secret birthday location today. Making this quick and dirty since there is much to do and little time to do it. To make this happen some more meeting notes showed up to help out on the blog again. RAWR!

As always, before you pass judgment, this is how I take notes in meetings and you should not think I am not paying attention. Active hands means active brain... or something... anyway, on with the monsters...

If there is one thing my doodle monsters know how to do it would be exhaling little puffs of cartoon smoke from their snoots.
© 2011 Christopher Burdett

Looks like I stopped on this one just in time... disaster averted.
© 2011 Christopher Burdett

I wonder how this one would get food to its mouth... I think it is wondering the same thing. Luckily or it the tusks are seasonal and he bulked up ahead of time and will not need to eat during tusking season.
© 2011 Christopher Burdett

That is all for another exciting week on the blog! See you back here on Monday! Until then...

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