Monday, October 31, 2011

ImagineFX issue #74 & 75

I have apparently popped up in the last two issues of ImagineFX, more or less. Issue 74 had the big write up about this year's Illustration Master Class where they featured some of their favorite pieces created at the class. Additionally, there was a little section on page two about the 'Best of the Rest' that had thumbnails and links for other artists... I kind of was included in this...

So very close... It is the thought that counts and it is nice to be included!

Mistakes happen and any press is good press, right? Anyway... long story short, that is not my work shown above my name and that weird shortened url under my name goes to my blog, not my website or the blog post about my IMC painting. The link to that blog post you ask? Well just click this handle dandy LINK and you can read all about my IMC painting. Added bonus, here is that painting again for the curious...

© 2011 Christopher Burdett

If you check out the CD that comes with issue 75 you might see a familiar face looking back at you from the FXPose section...


That wacky trio of bug monsters were featured as the image of the day on the ImagineFX site awhile back at that got them a round trip ticket to the CD to be featured along with two other pieces.

Non interactive version for your viewing pleasure.

If you have a chance, check out these issues, there are loads more in them then just me! ...or so I am told...

That is all for today! I will be back hopefully on Wednesday with Illuxcon coverage starting up on Thursday! Until then...

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  1. Nice job Chris! I was pretty excited to see I got to share the CD space with you (I might have to start taking myself more seriously lol) :)

  2. Yes indeed! I was very pleased to see you in the CD with me!