Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dungeons of Golarion: marks on paper

Back in July I shared with you the work I contributed to the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Dungeons of Golarion gaming supplement. I mentioned I would be sharing some of the work that went into the assignment and it just so happens that today is that very day. Since most of the time, effort, and focus goes into the opening illustration I will mostly be talking about it.

If you remember my post about the process that went into Undead Revisited, then the only thing that will be new is the images. Over the last three years I have been slowly fine tuning and honing a production process that best works for me. This involves thumbnails, shooting reference, loose sketch, refined drawing, and finally the painting. So naturally the first step was to work up a very loose personal thumbnail to get an idea of the direction I am going...

RAWR! I am nothing but scribbles!

This opening piece depicts the iconic dwarf, Hursk, battling a group of nasty dwarf ghouls in a mine. Part of me always wants to make it as bad as I can for the hero, but since the hero has to live to see another adventure I will give him just a little advantage. ...but only enough to keep the flicker of hope alive. Once I have worked out a thumbnail that I think will work I shoot a WHOLE bunch of reference with lots of options, angles, lighting, etc because you never know what you will need and what happy accident you will discover once you review the photos. This time around I will not be sharing any reference photos... sorry. Once I have the thumbnail and reference photos I work up a loose sketch getting all the piece put together...

If a dwarf cuts the head off a ghoul in a mine and there is no one around, does it make a sound?

I usually work with all the main elements on different layers as I move them around to find the best placement and arrangement. Sometimes this is a really quick and easy stage and sometimes it is not. I solve most of my issues or problems that come up in this step. It is refined enough to see where things aren't working and loose enough that I can work on it quickly. Depending on the time constraints and client wishes I will produce up to three of these so that there are some options. Most of the time I will have a favorite and most of the time the client agrees. Once there is an agreement on the sketch it is time to get to drawing...

Zolurket Mines Opener Drawing
© 2011 Paizo Publishing, LLC

As mentioned many times before this is my favorite part and there is still a part of me that wishes I could just turn in a more finished drawing and call it done. But alas, color paintings are what my clients like to see so the drawing does not get the extra time and attention I would pour into it if it was a finished item. Once the drawing is done the next step is the painting, but that is another process and I have shared those step here on the blog several time before... HERE, HERE and HERE...

Zolurket Mines Opener
© 2011 Paizo Publishing, LLC

Here is the drawing that went into the nasty dwarf ghoul that also accompanied the section I illustrated. There are some fun photos of me posing for this drawing that I will not be sharing with you either... sorry. You will just have to use your imagination and enjoy the drawing.

Zolurket Mines Ghoul Drawing
© 2011 Paizo Publishing, LLC

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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