Monday, January 31, 2011

New blog header art (FINALLY!)

Today I am pleased to finally be updating the header art here on the blog! Say 'goodbye' to the faces, and 'hello' to the crazy tentacle monster with a snappy claw. This is a long time in coming and needed to be done a year ago but I kept dragging my feet finding other things to occupy my time and attention.

Credit for finally getting my butt in gear goes completely to Aaron Miller. Late last year he called me out for having old old art as my blog header and I had to concur that it was VERY overdue. So, I got to work on something more fitting with the current direction and themes of my work...

A much needed faces lift - RAWR!
© 2011 Christopher Burdett

Header art drawing - Black and white RAWR!
© 2011 Christopher Burdett

If you saw me scribbling away at Illuxcon in November you may have seen me working on the above drawing. It still took me a couple of months to finally get enough time cobbled together to finish this piece up. ...but that is what counts, right?

That is all for today, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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  1. Header is looking great, love the colours. Need to update mine as well ;).

  2. That looks excellent. Like he's going to leap off the blog at readers.

  3. I REALLY like the new header, it definitely suits your content a lot better :)

  4. Thanks everybody! :D Glad to hear it has been well received! It was LOOOOOONG overdue.