Friday, January 14, 2011

Panda Book

For Christmas I complied the first 36 panda drawings that I have done for my wife into a 42 page book simply titled, Pandas 1 - 36. The huge difference between panda bears and tentacled monsters is not lost on me. This was meant to be a one off personal gift but my wife thought that this could be a good way to help out real pandas if people were interested.

Pandas 1 - 36

She suggested that I could make the book available through Lulu and have the proceeds go to the Wolong Panda Reserve or other charity that helps the panda. I put to you then, is this something you might be interested in purchasing to help some real pandas? If I get enough of a response I will set the gears in motion to make this book available.

A peak inside Pandas 1 - 36 where we can see Space Panda and Halloween Panda!

Some more Pandas, a Crabby Panda and a Grumpy Panda that has to do it's homework on a really nice day.

I know there are a lot of panda fans out there so I hope to hear from you if this interests you at all. We thought it would be a good way to put something in peoples hands while putting some money towards helping out an animal that we both like a lot. I hope to hear from you if this sounds like a something you would be interested in.

Monday is a holiday here in the States. I will be in my art trench working on some monsters so I most likely will not post again until Wednesday. Until then...

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  1. Hahahaaa! Now this is awesome Chris!
    I would definitely buy one.

  2. My elementary school mascot was a panda. Hell yeah I'd buy one!