Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Illuxcon 2010 - Day 4

Due to a lack of internet yesterday this is going up a day late, sorry for the delay...

Day 4 at Illuxcon! These past full days of awesomeness have begun to weigh heavy on me. A bit of a slow start today, but I am ready to dive into the last day. I can catch up on sleep later, I just don't want to miss anything! There are no demos or lectures scheduled for today, just time to walk the hall, talk to folks and to absorb what defines the artiest that are set up in the exhibit hall. One of the days highlights is Greg Hildebrandt steadily working on his massive Smaug painting. He worked away while answering questions and giving insight on his years in the industry.

Greg Hildebrandt hard at work on more scales.

The exhibition hall was full of people and activity for most of the afternoon. You have had three days to see all the amazing art, if you are going to buy something, now is the time. It was nice to see so many sold stickers on so many amazing pieces of art. Glad to know they are going to good homes. It was very interesting how every time I made a lap through the hall it felt like I was seeing new sights. Since the rest of Sunday was spent walking, talking and taking everything in I will recap the day in photos…

Still feeling like there is so much to see.

Seemed like everyone else has the same feeling.

One of Jordu Schell's marvelous beasties.

The talented Cynthia Sheppard making her debut in the exhibition hall this year.

Checking in with Greg Hildebrandt. Still hard at work!

Todd Lockwood indulging a super fan. Todd graciously signed a suitcase full of books. Another reason Todd sets the bar for awesome.

My newest Lars Grant-West painting that will look great on my wall! Thanks Lars!

Back to Greg Hildebrandt, he is a dragon painting machine!

Another angle of the exhibition hall late in the afternoon.

Some bare walls begin to appear as the artist prepare for the nearing conclusion of Illuxcon 3.

I had the chance to again find myself interviewed for the Ninja Mountain Podcast. Jeremy HcHugh… or should I say Jacob McNewcastle (thanks Lee!) interviewed me about my experiences at this year's Illuxcon and about my thoughts on creature design. We had a fun talk and I hope I didn't should too much like an idiot - which is my perceived default for things like this. I will let you know when the interview goes up so you can give a listen!

Reference for my newest painting… Self Portrait with McHugh.

As the afternoon wore on those who arrived by car began to depart for home. Finally the 5 o'clock hour came and thus marked the official end of Illuxcon 3. Those flying out on Monday broke off into groups for dinner and regrouped later in the evening at the hotel. There was some nice socializing in the bar and lobby and everyone was reflecting on the last four days and looking ahead to implementing what they learned at Illuxcon. I had a chance to visit Ralph Horsley's home and where he grew up via Google Maps. Thanks for the tour Ralph, it was a real pleasure! I had to make it an early night of it since I have a 5:45 am flight back to Florida.

Another Illuxcon has come and gone and I am better for it. I have a lot to distill, process and then to implement into my work. I was at a certain place with my work last year at this time, today I am in a much better place. I now see where I need to go and I have been shown the path. Navigating the path and blazing my own trails will be my job for the next year until Illuxcon 4 rolls around. I hope I can show as much growth in my work as can be seen from last year until this year.

A SUPER BIG THANKS again to Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire for all their time, effort, blood, sweat and tears that goes into making sure Illuxcon happens. You have allowed something very special to happen!

I will have a recap with updated links for you later in the week! Until then...

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  1. I feel the same way about my own current placement and where I need to go. Illuxcon was an unbelievably awesome experience and it was a pleasure meeting you in person and grabbing some of your goodies!