Sunday, November 14, 2010

Illuxcon 2010 - Day 3

Day 3 at Illuxcon began with some more time at the Showcase. It was much more low key and very enjoyable. Many wondered if the lower key atmosphere was because of excessive drink the night before or that many of the Illuxcon attendees took it in the night before.

The sketchbooks continued to be a popular item and I saw a few more go off to happy homes. I made sure get some pics of the first page monsters…



The slower pace of the morning allowed some time for the artist to get around and take in all the other participants work. Taking advantage of some slower moments I got around to some artist neat me and made sure to take some really high quality photos.

Mike Sass points to the bright shining future of art!

Another strangely bad photo of Aaron B. Miller… sorry Aaron, one of these days I will take a good one.

When I got to the Exhibit Hall I made sure to take in Mark Nelson's inking demo. Really great to see him work and to see how skilled he is. Mark is an incredible draftsman and can't truly be appreciated until you see his work in person and to see him work.

Mark begins to ink!

I had time between seeing Mark work and going to Lars Grant-West's lecture on using reference for dragons I made to rounds of the Exhibit Hall. I still feel like I am missing so much even though I have walked down each isle and looked at every booth. I made sure to stop back by many artists booths to touch base and to get a proper photo of them and their work.

Ralph surrounded by all his amazingly awesome work!

The Exhibit Hall remained busy all day and into the evening.

David Leri making a serious face for me…

I also made some time to buy and trade for some more art! Passing up the opportunity to get more original art seemed silly and I found some artist that obliged. Steve Prescott actually cut a page from his sketchbook that I really liked! Now that is service. The great and powerful Jeremy McHugh did some trading with me and now I am the proud owner of a second original McHugh.

Drawing by Prescott and watercolor by McHugh.

The events of the day slowly ebbed and people split up for dinner and then to socializing at the hotel. I got to catch up with some folks and to enjoy some much needed down time. Michael Vaillancourt and I did a sketch swap. He finally decided he wanted a little more time to finish up his sketch and he will send it to me, but I made for him a crazy floating tentacle monster…


The WIP podcast crew did a Illuxcon wrap up recording and I crashed their recording. Also in on the recording were some of the Drawn Today and Ninja Mountain Podcast folks. A really fun time and hopefully out of the nearly 2 hours of recording we did I did not ruin too much of it.

Recording the gold that is the WIP podcast!

There was much socializing to be had in the bar, lobby and halls of the hotel and folks seemed committed to keep this going until the wee hours of the night. Only at Illuxcon can you have this kind of one on one time with such a huge selection of skilled artists and influential art directors. These moments of socializing are worth the price of admission many times over.

Sunday is the last day. Only a handful of hours to see and do anything that was missed over the last three to four days.

Check back tomorrow to see how Illuxcon 3 have turned out! Until then...

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  1. Thanks for documenting all the great goings on this weekend! I had a blast looking through all the photos and reading your comments. :)

  2. You are very welcome! It was great to finally put a face to the name. Day 4 will be up tomorrow... after 15 hours of unexpectedly long problematic travel I am finally home and back online. Now if the airlines only knew where my luggage was...