Thursday, November 11, 2010

Illuxcon 2010 - Day 0

Day 0 of Illuxcon is finally here! Day 0? Yes, I consider the Wednesday before Illuxcon now to be Day 0. There is plenty going on and plenty to see and do. For one thing you can end up flying into Altoona with folks like Todd Lockwood! Flying just got a whole lot more awesome. The good news for me at least is that as far as I can tell my suitcase of Showcase goodies has arrived intact.

None the worse for wear. Next stop, the Showcase!

After getting situated at the hotel we headed down to the Heritage Center to see if there was anything we could help out with to make sure tomorrow moves smoothly. What we found was a simply breath taking selection of Paul Lehr art already on the walls. Illuxcon 3 has a special exhibition of 24 pieces from late in Lehr's career. No photo or reproduction will do these pieces justice and they are truly amazing in person. It is an absolute treasure to be able to see them first hand.

Some of Paul Lehr's work.

Even more of Paul Lehr's work.

Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire have really been working hard to make sure everything is up and ready for this year's Illuxcon. When talking to Patrick he commented that he was actually ahead of schedule and really pleased with where everything is at. The hall is set and ready to go all that needs to happen is for the artists to arrive.

This is where the awesome is going to be!

In fact quite a lot of artwork has already arrived! A huge box sits ready to be opened over at Ralph Horsley's tables. I can't wait to see what treasures are inside that wooded box.


Did someone say all that is left is for the artists to arrive? In fact Greg Hildebrandt has already arrived and completed set up. Greg brought with him a huge selection of paintings and drawings. So much to feast your eyes on. He will also be working on a painting of Smaug from the Hobbit over the next 4 day of Illuxcon. I will try to bring you pictures as the painting progresses.

A huge selection of Hildebrandt just waiting to be studied and admired.

I was able to help with hanging art at the restaurant, El Bistro, across the street from the main hall. A lot of dinning and socializing will be taking place there and select pieces from Patrick's collection are featured on the walls. Breath taking works are now adorning the walls. Glad I was able to do my part to make sure Illuxcon is off to a great start!

Lee got the honor of carrying over this rather weighty Justin Sweet piece… and was pretty happy to do it.

The art is all queued up and ready for hanging. The room looks pretty darn good if I say so myself!

Groups formed and dinner was had. Everyone eventually made their way back to the bar for socializing spirits at the hotel bar. I was able to see some unexpected faces and catch up with old and new friends. So far Illuxcon 3 is off to an amazing start! Really looking forward to the next 4 days! I will be taking as many photos as I can and updating the blog as much as possible.

See you for tomorrow for a look back on Day 1! Until then...

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  1. Nice post Chris. Day 0 was fun, but day 1 has been a blast. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. Thanks Jon! Yes indeed, today was amazing. Illuxcon 3 is off to an amazing start!