Saturday, November 13, 2010

Illuxcon 2010 - Day 2

When I think of Day 2 of Illuxcon I will think of a day starting with a shower running out of hot water in the middle of it's use, a whole lot of awesome and art and then being seated at a table surrounded by loads of other artists and talking to loads of people about my art. Today's post might be more photos then content… it began to all blur together as I think back about each separate moment. Good thing I took loads of photos to remind me!

The first things I did when I got to the exhibit hall was to take in Mark Nelson's Creature by Committee demo. He gave the group options to choose from and we votes and based on the votes he designed a creature. The group decided that Mark created a insect that is prey and lives in the arctic. There was additional voting for the over all silhouette, number of eyes, number of antennae and what various body parts might be used for.

Mark begins to work on the committee creature.

The creature is taking shape!

While I was watching Mark's demo Greg Hildebrandt was hard at work on his Smaug painting on the upper level of the exhibit hall. He was answering questions and showing everyone just how easy the awesome flows from his hands onto a canvas.

Greg Hard at work on shining scales.

Speaking of Mark Nelson's drawings, I was lucky enough to be able to trade some of my work for that of Mark's! This was not just any work… this was some of his monster manual art from the 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual! He has a huge stack of these that he called his 'dirty laundry' and I got to take my pick.

So cool and so amazing and now they are mine!

My new treasures!

Finally was able to get a passable photo of Lars Grant-West's Autumn Dragon. If my gut feeling is accurate he will not be going home with this gorgeous piece.

So beautiful! Lars knows his dragons.

My quest continues to get every artist that worked with me on the Monster Manual 2 to sign and hopefully sketch in my copy of the book. I scored big with Ralph Horsley! I could not miss my chance to finally get him to contribute and he really blew me away with his sketch!

Ralph hard at work on his sketch for me.

My finished Ralph Horsley original that now is in my Monster Manual! Thanks Ralph!

It was a really busy day in the exhibit hall today. Lot to see and do and folks were trying to do it all and see it all at… all at the same time.

Quick over here! Something awesome!


I had a really good portfolio review with Jeremy Cranford late in the afternoon and that led into dinner and an early return to the hotel to get ready for the Showcase. By the time I got to the ballroom folks were hard at work getting set up. I got my wears out onto display as quickly as I could and get ready for the crowds to arrive.

One angle of my table at the Showcase.

How your viewing pleasure… another view!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hello and to check out my art. The sketchbooks were a big hit and I extend an extra thanks to everyone that bought a copy and I hope you enjoy the sketches! I have pics of some of the drawings of my sketches that I did for in sketchbooks…




It all begins again on day 3 and I can't wait! Back to the Showcase in the morning and then to the exhibit hall and a day of demos and seminars!.

Check back tomorrow to see how it went. Until then...

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  1. Wow, that is some amazing art all over the place at Illuxcon. With every post I'm wishing more and more that I'd gone to Illuxcon this year. Next year I'll have to go.