Monday, May 3, 2010

Art on the run...

My April art show at Bacon & Bakin' has come down to make room for some of Lee Bretschneider's May madness. But fear naught! If you missed seeing the show you have a second chance! The good folks over at Gamescape asked if I could bring the show over to their store. So make sure you head on down to Gamescape to have a look at my work and play some video games. There even might be a new piece added to the show *cough* Anglerphant *cough*.

3220 Apalachee Pkwy, #4
Tallahassee, FL, 32311

Don't walk run! The art is on the walls NOW!!! I will be back on Wednesday with a new piece I have been working on. Until then...

For more samples of my work or to contact
me regarding my availability head over to my website:

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