Friday, January 15, 2010

Monster Car Revisions

Back in December I shared with you some elements I created for a monster car video clip for the Florida Department of Transportation. Turns out... they didn't want a monster car after all. Who knew?

RAWR! Remember me? I am Monster Car!
© 2009 Florida Department of Transportation

There apparently was a hiccup in the communication at some point and they had wanted a happy car. Something akin to the cars in the Pixar film, Cars. Back to the computer for me and soon we had a brand new car with a rosier outlook on life.
Decidedly NOT Monster Car
© 2009 Florida Department of Transportation

But fear not for Monster Car! The client was so happy with how Monster Car turned out that they decided to use both cars. Using both better illustrates the misperception of cars by children. They are not your anthropomorphic friend but are really a one ton bringer of death. Or something close to it.

Monster Car, child and Happy Car all together all together at last!
© 2009 Florida Department of Transportation

A few edits and replaced graphics later we have our new video clip with all the old and new elements. Please pay no attention to the very beginning, Blogger's compression on the video is doing something weird to it. Enjoy...

© 2009 Florida Department of Transportation

I will be back next week with more thrilling posts. Not sure what Monday will involve since it is a holiday and I will be laying low and out of sight of the internet. I will try and find something quick and fun if possible! Until then...

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