Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monster Car

I am knee deep in holiday cheer... or at least that is what I hope I am knee deep in... which is why today's post is a little later then normal. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyway, today I bring you some of my "other work" that I recently completed. It is for the Florida Department of Transportation. My talents were needed on a video piece and so I rose to the challenge and really went out on a limb to try something new... no, actually they needed a monster car. So I made them a monster car...

RAWR! Evil and scary, the monster car will get you.
© 2009 Florida Department of Transportation

The other elements that were required for the segment were a child and a background. The elements are all based on video and stills that were taken for the project. If you are asking what this all mean, apparently children have difficulty understanding things like cars and do not know the danger that they pose. Fantasy and reality are blurred for young children and so extra caution needs to be taken when children and cars can together.

Car, child and background all together.
© 2009 Florida Department of Transportation

These three elements were handed off to my cohort in crime, Lee Bretschneider. I have mentioned Lee before, he and I were the guests at Geek Night. Lee took my elements and made with the movie graphics in After Effects to create the required seven seconds of video that will be part of a larger education project. This is how the video turned out:

Monster Car in all it's glory. RAWR!
* After posting this I notice that the video does something weird at the beginning and goes back to normal... not sure what is up with that, but just ignore it. Thanks!*
© 2009 Florida Department of Transportation

That is all for today. Family is heading into town as I write this and will be here soon. I guess I should have mentioned this is post #150 for the year, a number I am shocked to have reached. I never imagined I would have gotten this far and stuck with it this long. Yays to me! ;)

If all goes well, I should have a couple more post before the end of the year. Until then...

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  1. This would have been an AWESOME Dreamblade piece!

    Happy Holidays!