Thursday, December 10, 2009

Knockspell Magazine #3

Knockspell Magazine #3 by Mythmere Games was released toward the end of October / beginning of November and somehow I missed it's release. I contributed two pieces to this issue and both center around a Minotaur Lord. Now where have I seen Minotaurs lately?? Make sure you pick yourself up a copy of Knockspell #3 now available through Black Blade Publishing!

I worked with Matt Finch of Mythmere Games this time around. It is always fun to get a chance to do line art, though I used more then just lines. I really wanted to get a lot of texture into these and had a great time doing it. Looking back I had forgotten when I actually made these. They were finished up right before Comic Con in July. How time flies. But I am happy to share these with you now!

I should have a Dreamblade piece for you tomorrow... if all goes well... As the year comes crashing to an end my schedule is becoming more and more... FULL. I hope to be able to bring you posts on my regular schedule through out the holidays and into new year, but I know there will be gabs. So please bear with me and I will do my best! Until then...

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  1. Love the expression on the demon painting, Chris :)

  2. Thanks Scott! It is actually suppose to be a cursed plaque that once gazed into slowly turns the viewer into a minotaur... but I like you interpretation better! I got my copy of Knockspell #3 in the mail actually just today. My pieces look better then I had thought they would. I was nervous that all the texture would get muddy in print. Turned out great... except I didn't get credit anywhere in the issue...