Friday, August 4, 2017

Monster Coloring Classics - Adult Coloring Books, a Kickstarter by Jacob Walker

Jacob Walker is currently running a most excellent Kickstarter campaign that I wanted to highlight today on the blog. Monster Coloring Classics - Adult Coloring Books us a very fun and great looking take on monsters and coloring books. I love Jacob's work and I was thrilled to back his first Kickstarter, so it was a no brainer to pass the word along about his new endeavor. The campaign just started, so now is the time to job on board and get yourself some great monster art that you can color, if you so choose to!

Monster Coloring Classics - Adult Coloring Books offers up two books full of great monster drawings with many level to pledge at. Jacob is offering many additional items that you can add on to fill your life with even more monsters!

Featuring two books each with 25 images of monster art! 

Not only is there a level to buy the original art used for the two books, there are some really great shirts and a sticker that can be yours as part of this campaign. I have my heart set on shirt #2. Can't wait to wear that one!

Offering up great shirt options! 

If you love monsters, great art, and helping independent artist create their own products then I HIGHLY recommend you backing Monster Coloring Classics - Adult Coloring Books! If Jacob's last Kickstarter is any indication, this will be an amazing high quality product that you will be thrilled to own.

That's all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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