Thursday, August 24, 2017

Gen Con 2017 Recap - Day 1

Thursday August 17, a week ago as I write this, was the first day of Gen Con 50 and it was like a powder keg about to explode. The excitement was palpable and the crowds were enormous. All day long we repeated, "It is a Saturday on a Thursday." So many people, so many sketches, so many great conversations, it was a day for the record books. When the dust settled I ended up having the best day at any con... of course Gen Con 50 was not over yet. You really needed to be there to experience the full force of a Gen Con. Thing is, I was in a stationary local and really did not see the show beyond my row in the artist alley and the path to and from the bathroom. I can only imagine what the rest of the con was like, what the attendees were experiencing. The pros and cons of working a show rather than attending a show, I get in early and have a place to sit down, but the adventure and games are out of reach. I think when all four days were added up, Thursday was the most fun for me. The excitement in the air was contagious and everyone was rested, full of energy, and were ready to take on all that Gen Con 50 had to offer. I usually have some time to get away from my table during the convention, but not this year. I managed bathroom breaks and a moment or two to step away and quickly each lunch. I needed to be at the table the rest of the time with little to no down time. If I was not talking to people I was drawing. No rest for the wicked! I could not ask for a better bunch of artists to be around for all four days. Having friends nearby when you are in the thick of it always makes things better. Enough talking for now, here are images from day 1 of Gen Con 50...

Not sure any image can truly portray the crowds awaiting the beginning of Gen Con 50.

My table is all set up and ready to go!

Never be on the receiving end of a Steve Prescott lecture. (JOKE!)
A look over my wall at some of the great folks set up in the next row.

Panorama of the row behind before the doors open...

...and a panorama of our row.

I can't express how THRILLED I am to receive one of these.
This is a hand made 3D version of one of my cards made by a teacher who does these to relax. There are 10 layers of cut card to create a little diorama of the scene depicted on the card. For years I have watched other artist receive them and this year was my first and I could not be happier with this one. I feel like I have finally 'made it' as an artist :)

Another image to hopefully better show off the depth created with the cut cards. There are spacers between the layers and it all fits in a tiny card box. So COOL! So happy!

A Brave Little Toaster sketch on the back of a Magic proof.

The first of many cards signed at Gen Con 50. This was the first time I got to sign this particular card. It is a reprint of my Ghoul painting. Looked great!

Managed to get an image of the crowds in the artist alley. Again, does not give a true feel for the actual crush of people present.

A bunch of Magic foils needed to be signed and I was up for the job.

A collection of D&D themed sketch cards.
This was my first rust monster sketch!

This was my first Pokemon sketch for the con and I think it was my favorite of the weekend.
I did many and I liked many of them a lot, but this one was just so creepy and weird it was hard to see it go.

First SW Destiny cards that I got to sign that feature a reprint of my Mon Calamari Smuggler.

Last sketch on a Magic proof of the day... a squirrel with a nut.

The crowds were still present after the convention closed for the day.

Still way more people than the images let on.

A bunch of us all ended up at dinner and we ordered WAY too much food.
So good. So full.

I took in a little late night walking after everything calmed down.
Took in the sights and took some images of the light.

An amazing day at Gen Con has finally come to an end.

That is all for another exciting Thursday on the blog, see you back here tomorrow for more Gen Con coverage! Until then...

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