Friday, August 25, 2017

Gen Con 2017 Recap - Day 2

Day 2 of Gen Con 50! While there were not fewer people in attendance the hall did feel a little bit less packed, but there sure was still plenty of excitement. I spent a lot of the day drawing and it flew by. Loads of great people came by the booth and there was much fun to be had. Friday night is traditionally the artist reception and awards ceremony. The entire art show as a whole gets together, has drinks and snacks, and celebrate the community as well as the few among us that rose to the top to receive an award. This year we moved into a new and larger space to hold the awards ceremony. Before it was held in a very tiny, very hot meeting room in an adjacent hotel to the convention center. This year it was held in a downstairs bar in a nearby building that was super cool and offered more room, CHAIRS, and was a better temperature. There were also convenient bathrooms, we had all the luxuries! The awards ceremony was followed by dinner and of course socializing. Another full day at Gen Con 50! Here are some of the images from my day...

The crowds demand entrance!

Apparently a thing that you can buy and have in your house.
Good to know!

Another year and another beholder on an Ultra PRO giant plastic sheet thing.

Another super fun and super weird Pokemon request.
A Dragonball Z / Pokemon mashup... RAWR!

And more Pokemon...

...and MORE Pokemon.

A quick look around while I catch my breath while drawing.

A playmat sketch on a playmay full of evil weird stuff... RAWR!

This one was super fun. This is a one of a kind playmat made for a fan.
He got it last year and brought it back for me to embellish with some appropriate. Since the Icetromper is on Hoth, I figure why not add the battle of Hoth in the background. Really happy with how it turned out. If I understand correctly, this playmat then went on to be used when the owner won the National Championship in the Star Wars LCG. Not to bad! He said we wants to bring it back for me to add more to it next year.

Finishing off the day with an owlbear sketch... HOOT! RAWR!

Here is a look around my booth during the day...

...again, this does not really give a sense of the crush of people.

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday for more Gen Con coverage! Until then...

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