Monday, August 28, 2017

Gen Con 2017 Recap - Day 3

Continuing my coverage of Gen Con 50 we arrive at Saturday. For me, and I think many in the art show, Saturday was the slowest day. I think there were a lot of events and activities taking place elsewhere and everyone was super busy enjoying games and having fun. That said, if I had the Saturday that I had this year on any other day on any other year I would be thrilled. Compared to the rest of the weekend, it was the slowest day. A ton of the day for me was spent drawing. While I enjoy drawing at this point in the weekend I had done a ton of it and was getting a little tired of trying to help everyone AND work through a stack of sketches. But that is what I am there for so I do the best I can. While Saturday was somewhat more laid back in Gen Con excitement, Saturday night was when the artist go out on the town for some music, dancing, and fun. It has become a tradition and the crowd has steadily grown in size. I think the first year there were five of us and I lost count of the group this year. All in all it was another fun and adventure filled day at Gen Con 50. Here are some images from the day 3...

A little B Boy Pichu action for all your B Boy Pichu needs!

Some more Star Wars Destiny cards showed up to be signed.

A quick look around to see how the crowds looked.

A super cool Beholder puppet. The main eye moved around and the mouth worked. Always cool to see what is being made by folks. RAWR!

A set of four Marvel/DC sketch cards on game blanks. These were a little weird and not necessarily what I normally do. The Colts fan/Deadpool mashup was a little weird. They wanted me to do a Wonder Woman and I told them only if Wonder Woman could look like a man or a monsters.
They passed.

MORE Pokemon!


This person wanted a Magic artist proof with a female video game character on the back.
Mother Brain is a female character... so they got NES Metroid Mother Brain.

A final Pokemon for the day. Lapras is this person's favorite and they still have not caught one in Pokemon Go.

A Playmat full of rats. My contribution is the top right one. I saw it again once it was filled and it turned out super cool!

A look out at the crowds as we leave for the evening.

Gen Con is the best four days in gaming and sometimes I loose perspective on that since I spend all day in the artist alley. There is so much more to Gen Con than the massive exhibitor's hall (which contains the artist alley). There are many other halls, rooms, and even other venues that are not in the convention center filled with people gaming and having fun. Much of this goes on for 24 hours a day. The year before I started showing in the art show I came to Gen Con to check it all out. I ended up spending a lot of time in the art show talking to friends, but I did try to see a lot of what Gen Con had to offer. I know I only scratched the surface and Gen Con has grown so much since then. One of these days I will see a little but more of Gen Con... one of these days...

That's all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here tomorrow for more Gen Con coverage! Until then...

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