Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Gen Con 2017 Recap - Day 4

All good things come to an end, even Gen Con. After a late night Saturday it was a very early morning on Sunday. Everyone survived the night and made it to their tables on time and the show began again and no one was the wiser to the level of exhaustion that loomed over the artist show like a fog. The morning was a bit low key, but as the day went on spirits brightened. Sunday of Gen Con this year was the single best day for me at any con. A good way to end the convention and always nice to leave with less than you bring. It is not always about sales, but sales are important to insuring that the convention experience is not a financial hindrance. Going into the convention my thoughts were not on sales, it was about seeing friends that I have missed and having a chance to catch up with people I only see once or twice a year. In the end of Gen Con it is nice to know that I was able to kill two birds with once stone.

Sunday is a shorter day on the floor, but there is tear down and packing up of the car. Each year it is a little easier and a little quicker. Many folks have to head home after tear down but those that are staying the night usually get together and we feast on Japanese food. It has become a tradition and it is a wonderful way to end the con. Good food, good drinks, some quiet time with friends, and a chance to relax and reflect on the past four days. We usually are all awake enough for a brief outing afterwards, but it is an early night for use all as the convention catches up with us. Another Gen Con done and it is one for the record books. I wonder what Gen Con 51 has ins tore??? Here are some images from day 4 of Gen Con 50...

It is like they never moved. This room was full the night before and it is even more full now. I can only imagine at the fun being had in there!

This year's balloon sculpture was a huge golden dragon. This was the best view of it that I was able to get the entire weekend.

Signed some more Magic cards.

Tools for the Job card next to the painting. Regular and mini me versions of the art.

Since Sunday is the last day and busy and there is a finite about of time I am limited on how many drawings I can do. Here is a Gen Con 50 dragon on the back of a Magic proof.

Only did one Pokemon on Sunday. This was a new one for me.

A bunch of Trandoshans needs signing and I was more than up to the task.

Looking around at the fun. I wish these images gave a better feeling for the crush of people.

I found Pikachu... and now I wish I hadn't

These Catan sheep were all over the place. Never knew why.

The walls came down while I was at the car getting the wheelie cart and all the boxes and packing material. I have to get the paintings down immediately or risk the walls coming out from underneath the paintings.

What was a mighty art show...

...is now a barren waste of tables.

All the art and all the crowds are now gone. I immediately get lost once the walls and art is gone. I loose track of where my table is.

The crowds are gone. The banners are down. Soon the rooms will be empty. 
Gen Con is officially over for another year...

That is all for another exciting day on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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