Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gen Con 2011 - Day 2

It is hard to imagine that the con is technically half over. It has been a blur. I can say without a doubt that this event has been a learning experience. Thanks to my wife's quick thinking we were able to adjust and adapt to the unpredictable conditions of a con like this. I have a lot to think about and filter as I look ahead into doing more things like this. Had a lot of good time with the other artists and it is really exciting to be part of the community like this. There are far too few opportunities to get artists together like this. Of course… if there were there might not be a lot of art being made since we would all be hanging out together all the time! On with the images…

This is possibly the best little bit of preparation that I did for the con. So many people repeat it back to me and then look at my work and agree…

And some even want me to draw them some monsters that they can take home with them. This was the first play mat that I had a chance to draw on, it was pretty fun!

When I was not drawing for con attendees I was drawing for myself, this is a monster that slowly came into being over days one and two.

I was asked to contribute to a book of awkward knitting. This was super fun and I of course has to have some tentacle in there. It was well received!


Another con and another outstanding photo with the world famous ninja, Jeremy McHugh!

The artist reception was held off site this year. Unlike past years when the reception was held in the artist alley, this year it was held in a very small room at one of the hotels. There were a lot of us in this very small noisy room. But a huge congrats needs to go out to all the winners and especially Scott Murphy for taking home best of show!

That's all for another exciting day at the con! More to come tomorrow! Until then...

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