Friday, April 15, 2011

Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea

I recently received my copy of an art anthology I was a part of. Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea is a collection of contemporary artists that are producing work for and in the style of old-style fantasy RPGs. It was a honor to be a part of it and it is a real sharp book to hold in your hands. Over 30 artists contributed work to this book and if you are a fan of this style of gaming and art you really should take the time to go check out Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea!

Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea now available at!

I have three pieces in the book and they each received an entire page to stretch their elbows and hang out. You might remember seeing these pieces here on the blog, they were produced for Knockspell #2 and Knockspell #3 released by Mythmere Games. I tip my hat and extend my thanks to Matt Finch, the master mind behind both Knockspell and Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea.

Poison Wine, Polymorph Plaque and Skeletal Minotaur
© 2011 Christopher Burdett

Make sure you run right out and get yourself a copy of Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea! It is a really nice collection of old-style fantasy RPG artwork all in one publication!

That is all for another exciting week on the blog! See you back here next week for more fun! Until then...

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  1. I LOVED your work in there! Great stuff!

  2. Really great to hear! Thanks so much, really appreciated :)