Friday, April 22, 2011

The Frustrating Wait...

At last count I am waiting on over 80 finished pieces of work to be released from their NDAs (nondisclosure agreements). This does not even include a bunch of work I did back in 2008 on a project that got canceled that I hope to someday be able to share with you when that NDA lifts. This also does not include all the thumbnails, sketches, drawings, variations and revisions that went into creating all this work.

Some of these 80 pieces have been waiting to be released for a loooong time and other pieces that have been finished more recently are going to have a very loooong wait ahead of them. It is a little depressing to know that a piece will have to go away into hiding for a year and a half, maybe even longer, before reemerging as a finished project.

I know the waiting game is part of the job and I am sure many have waited longer to share more. This doesn't change that is kind of sucks! I do think it was worse when I worked on movies. We would work and work and work on something and then go to set and film for days with it. The movie would come out a year or two later and the fruits of everyone's work would flash by on screen for a second, or sometimes not at all. ...and then your name would be misspelled in the credits.

I sometimes wonder, "What's the worse that could happen if I break a few NDAs?" Not that I am remotely serious mind you! The legal hammer that would drop on my head would be horrifying, not to mention I would never work for that company again. All the same, as the months tick by it can get a little frustrating... especially when I am trying to post three times a week on the blog and I am looking at this big pile of finished work I would LOVE to share.

I continue to wait and hope that soon I will be able to share the work I produced a year ago and hope that it is still relevant and a good example of the quality of work that I can create. I try to find solace in being patient and the fact that so many others are waiting right there with me.

Don't tell anyone... they are secret!
A selection of 'work' that I think in theory I in have permission to share that technically I am unsure on. I think I am safe with only sharing a 100 pixels or so with you.

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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