Friday, October 29, 2010

The shirts have begun to appear!

I have been getting reports all week that they have begun to arrive. Late in the week my doorstep was graced with a package from TeeFury containing my shirts! Let me say first and foremost I am REALLY happy with the quality and fidelity of the print. I tip my hat to TeeFury for an excellent job. Enough talking... let's see some shirts...

Men and women shirts shown for color and size comparison.

Slate for the boys.

Baby blue for girls. My wife insists that her's is better since the graphic was printed larger on girl shirts.

A close up of the bug in his cleaver disguise.

And finally the finish product being modeled.

Thanks again to everyone that bought one, two or even three of the shirts. I hope they arrive soon and you enjoy them!

That is all for another week. Illuxcon is a week and a half away and looms heavy on my thoughts. So much to do to get ready. I will be back next week with more exciting posts! Until then...

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  1. Awesomeness! Such a lovely model you have :)

  2. I got this shirt, but it's torn! Where to buy another, since at teefury it's sold out.

  3. Sorry to hear the shirt arrived torn. I would contact TeeFury about this and see what they can do about it. The shirt is not for sale anywhere else. It was only available for one day last year.

  4. Hey! could you send me a high res image of this bug? I'll try to make another one! Could i?
    Regards from Brazil, the land of VW Bug! :)

  5. Hello Rômulo. If you want to email me through my website - - we can talk about a licensing agreement to allow you to print more of this image! Thanks for the interest!