Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Kickstarter Roundup - Lockwood

Today on the blog, I wanted to point out a Kickstarter project that I think you all might be interested in. It features fantastic art by an incredible artist, and if you have not already checked it out, you should do so NOW!

Todd shares about The Twelve Days of Christmas:

A project 33 years in the making...
Long ago, when my children were young, I had this idea for a fantastic rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas. It would be zany and funny. I threw myself into the drawings, but sadly the time was not yet right.
Last April, I rediscovered the scans of my drawings and realized that this was the project I needed. It came like a gift from 33-year-old me to 66-year-old me, reviving my joy in creation with a special audience in mind. My kids are all grown, but I have a granddaughter now. This project is for all of them. Really, it's for anyone who's a child at heart.

 So why not share?
Brown Books and I have signed an agreement that will put this book in bookstores around the country (and possibly around the world). This Kickstarter will fund that effort with signed copies and a signed Special Edition with heavier paper and some extras.
It's the most insane thing I've ever tackled in my career. I'm loving it. It's crazy, but wonderful! You'll see.

And for those that may not know, Todd Lockwood is the dragon master and a force of nature in gaming and fantastical realism. If you want to know what a dragon looks like, look at Todd's work. You can find his work inside countless books and on the cover of even more. I was fortunate enough to see many of the pages while at Dragon Con last year, and I have been excited about this project ever since.

That's all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog. See you back here on Friday! Until then...

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