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From the Archives: Devlin - Angel Season 5

Well, it looks like I am on a roll now with sharing old Buffy and Angel work over here on the blog! To keep things going, I have for you today another monster I worked on during Season 5 of Angel. This particular monster is from the same episode as the Lorne Hulk, Episode 5, Life of the Party. This is a demon named Devlin who comes to the Halloween party wearing the face of a human as a costume. Devlin's choice of costume didn't sit well with Lorne, which meant Devlin was due for a run-in with Lorne Hulk.

Before I go any further, I must remind everyone that this work is a collaboration of many talented artists and technicians. I was one of many who brought this thing to life. This time, I painted the makeup that you see in the episode. After twenty-plus years, I cannot properly give credit to everyone else involved. Sorry, but people's names were the first to go after I left LA. That said, I believe that David Meng designed this one, but I do not remember the sculpture.

The makeup is more of a mix between a mask and makeup. It pulled over the head in one piece and blended onto the actor's face around the mouth and right eye. The left eye was not glued down and needed the makeup artist to apply makeup around the eye hole. I no longer have the concept design files for this one and only a few shop photos. I am actually surprised I was able to find some images of the makeup on set being worn by the actor. I present to you, Devlin.

Here is Devlin on set in full makeup and contacts - RAWR!
As mentioned, I did not design or sculpt this one, but I did paint the makeup. Sadly, the set photos are all blown out, and the skin tones of the 'costume' are lost, but thankfully, I have my photos of the makeup before it went to set (see below).

A front view of the Devlin sculpture.

As you can clearly see, this is, in fact, the Devlin sculpture, but from behind.

One more for good measure of the front, but a little closer.

No, for my part in all of this, here is the painted Devlin makeup in the shop. You can see the unpainted edges of the makeup that will be glued down to the actor's face, and then makeup will be applied to blend it all together.
Another image of the painted makeup, but from the side. I mixed iridescent pigments into some of the paints and sprayed the pigments thin down with alcohol to give it a shiny, reptilian look and feel. A lot of this makeup was covered up with a sweater and a button up. It is amazing how much of our work was obscured by wardrobe on these shows.
Lastly, another blown-out image from set - minus the contacts.

That's all for another exciting week on the blog. See you back here next week! Until then...

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