Monday, July 11, 2016

It's on Paper so it's OFFICIAL... RAWR!

Back in April I shared with you some of the details of filing for a trademark on my RAWR! logo. While the trademark was approved and registered at that time I was still waiting on the final paperwork. Over the weekend that paperwork finally arrived and now it is OFFICIALLY all done and my RAWR! logo is now OFFICIALLY a registered trademark! It may be just a piece of paper with a gold seal sticker on it, but it is the piece of paper with a gold seal sticker on it that says my branding is protected, registered, and mine. I was not really sure when or if this piece of paper would ever arrive, but you would hope to get something tangible for $450. Enjoy these images of a $450 piece of paper...

Officially, RAWR! is official!

Just look at those letters, they just exude RAWR!

Gold seals make everything better.

Not sure what the end game of this really is, but it is important to take the steps to protect and establish my branding if I am going to use it everywhere. While I am not sure if people are lined up to try to steal my logo, this does give me legal protection to something I have been building upon for years. RAWR!

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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