Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kickstarter Roundup - Chris Seaman, Ralph Horsley, & Artorder

Today I have for you three active Kickstarters that you should check out if you already haven't. All three are from folks near and dear to me and I would really like to see their projects funded and their dreams made reality.

First up, Cameo Creeps by Chris Seaman! I LOVE these miniature monster portraits. Love them so much we own three of the originals and proudly display them. Now is your chance to get your hands on an original or any number of the reproductions. I can not express enough how cool these are.
Go get yours today!

Second, Wildborn by Ralph Horsley! Ralph had been working on a series of dragon paintings that feature dragons in their natural habitats for a number of years now and he is finally collecting them into one book. I am a big fan of these pieces as well. The very first piece of art my wife ever bought was one of the very first Wildborn pieces Ralph created. It is the dragon by the waterfall in the image below. It is still most likely my wife's favorite piece that we own. I can't wait to see and have the finished book.
You know you need more dragons in your life!

Last, but not least, ArtOrder Invitational: The Journal art book by Artorder (Jon Schindehette)! Jon have been working on this for two years and brings together a very impressive group of artists who will be sharing their work and creative process in this journal. This looks amazing and should be interesting for artist and non artist alike. My words will fail at how cool this is, you just need to follow the links and check it out yourself. This is one not to miss.

I hope you take a few moments and go check these out and hopefully find one or all of them worthy of support. Like I said, these are all being done by people near and dear to me and I hope they see funding.

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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