Friday, May 20, 2016

Art vs Artist

There is a meme going around this week matching up an image of the artist surrounded by several pieces of their work. I think the art is meant to show the intentional and unintentional way people's art turn into self portraits. I have never hid the fact that all my monsters are self portraits and in the way using myself as all the monsters is a running theme through my work. I have, am, and will continue to be all the monsters. Here is my submission for #artvsartist...

Art vs Artist
I am all the monsters, one way or another.

Speaking of reference, here are some of the images that went into the above monsters. Some of these you may have seen and at least one has never been shared. I did omit one reference image, but I don't think the over all selection is diminished for it. I find that physically getting into the shoes, or claws, of the character through photo reference really helps me channel the character and get my head around the illustration I am beginning to work on. Acting out the character helps resolve many potential problems as well as leading to many unexpected ideas that working on paper just does not bring. Not to mention all the invaluable reference that the photos provide.

Reference vs Monster
Photos by Achsa Nute

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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  1. hah I love the camping pack one!

    1. That was for the goblin companion Wroot for Dungeons & Dragons. It was also a real favorite on mine.