Friday, August 7, 2015

Gen Con 2015 - Day 2

Day 2 of Gen Con 2015! Yes, Day 2 of Gen Con 2015 was a week ago... but Gen Con was exhausting this year and sleep was super hard to get and things like this blog had to take a back seat. Not sure what else to say about Day 2 except I was really tired and there was a lot going on! It was a VERY full day and there was not a moment to spare. ...okay, that reminds me of a funny story of Day 2. On Day 1 exhibitors can get into the hall at 8:00 am with VIGs (Very Important Gamers) getting in at 9:00 am and the hall officially opening at 10:00 am. For some reason this year I had it in my head exhibitors could get into the hall EVERYDAY at 8:00 am... turns out the rest of Gen Con exhibitors get in at 9:00 am. Thinking I was in the right I just walked in past a volunteer watching the door, flashed my badge, and went to my booth. Oops! The hall was strangely darker then normal and there was NO ONE in there. I needed to work on a commission, so it all worked out... but to realize after the fact I could have gotten more sleep... oh well. Here are some images from Day 2 of Gen Con 2015...

The early morning invasion of gamers on the streets of Indianapolis. Or it is a bunch of commuters fleeing for their lives.

A WIP of said convention commission....

...and the finished commission of Godzilla vs. my Gudul Lurker from Magic the Gathering. RAWR!

All ready for Day 2 of Gen Con 2015! Booth survived the first day, more or less.

Day 2 of Gen Con is when I noticed a sudden shift in the cards I was signing. I began to sign a LOT of Star Wars cards and this shift continued the rest of Gen Con. I was really neat to see that my cards are getting so much use and that I am beginning to be know for my work in the Star Wars LCG.

Another sketch on the back of a Magic artist proof. RAWR!

An unexpected surprise! I got to see my Rancor in card for finally! The newest box set for the Star Wars card game, Imperial Entanglements, was released at the Gen Con and I got to see my card when people brought them to me to sign. I am SO happy with how it printed! Really happy with everything about this piece.

Lots of Star Wars cards to sign!

Really like this comparison... side by side is one of my favorite pieces of Star Wars cards, painted digitally and then my very first traditionally painted Star Wars cards. I am really happy about how well they both hold up next to yeah other. Makes me think I am doing the right thing!

Another sketch on the back of a Magic artist proof. This time around a foil Ancient Carp is eating a guy with an afro and a tennis racket... as per the request of the person buying it. RAWR!

A momentary look up from my booth.

Another glance around at the art show.

The playmat drawings began on Day 2. First off was a happy little beholder... RAWR!

I worked on a playmat that was gridded off into six even sections. My contribution was a minotaur. RAWR!

Loraine Flegal made AWESOMELY AMAZING bingo cards for the artists to use during the con. I got bingo twice with my final square. This was a lot of fun and based on 100% truth if you have ever had a table in an artist alley. If I could combine previous years I could have immediately filled out the card.

Here are a pair of modified Star Wars cards I was asked to do... a pair of Snobby White Spiders! A dashing couple if I may say so myself...

I think the male is my favorite, but how can you go wrong with a hat with a veil on the female Snobby White Spider... RAWR!

Ending Day 2 of Gen Con 2015 was the award ceremony and it was thrilling to see Tom Babbey take home Best in Show! Well deserved and a a great moment to share with all the other artist there. A truly great end of the day and a wonderful half way point of Gen Con 2015.

That is all for Day 12 of Gen Con 2015, Day 3 will be along on Monday! Until then...

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