Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gen Con 2015 - Day 1

The post Gen Con coverage of Gen Con 2015 continues today with the official start of Gen Con 2015... DAY 1! Release the horde! There is something kinda creepy to hear the crowd outside the main hall cheering and stomping to get in as the opening ceremonies conclude. A wave of humanity washes over the exhibition hall when the doors open. Since the art show is on high ground far from the doors we are safe and only receive a splash of humanity at first. All in all a good start to Gen Con! I was ready to go when the doors opened and never looked back. Here are some images from Day 1 of Gen Con 2015...

All set for the best four days in gaming! I got everything priced and I am ready to go. Only thing left to do is survive the next 96 hours...

If I look over my back wall... OH LOOK! It is Tom Babbey! He is doing something much more interesting then me, he is actually painting and making art. I am standing on my chair taking pictures.

Looking out from my booth I can see Tyler Walpole and Chris Seaman. Not bad company for the next four days. Ralph Horsley is to my right as well.

Oh yeah, and Aaron Miller is across from me as well :P
If you look past Aaron you can see the exhibition hall leading off to the rest of the art show and then exhibitors and game stuff. So much to do and we are all at our booths.

It is Gen Con and that means there are cards to sign...

...lots and lots of cards!

Uh oh... Tom is on to me!
You can see behind Tom the line and the registers you use when you buy something from the artists in the art show.

Looking out to my left from my booth you can see more of the art show and then into the main hall. At the far end from me is the Fantasy Flight Games booth. In the foreground in a wild Steve Prescott in his native habitat.

Sketching at Gen Con! First up this year was a wily Owl Bear! HOOT! RAWR!

Never enough Beholders... this one is more of a Gauth. A ball with a mouth and lots of eyes, some of stalks, you can not go wrong!

OH! Signing cards that are not actually Magic cards.

Aaron Miller is so cool he can sit around and play games on this phone and just wait for the shoppers to come to him! :P

Ran into a monster on the way to and from the hotel at the end of the first day of Gen Con 2015. RAWR!

That is all for Day 1 of Gen Con 2015, Day 2 will be along tomorrow! Until then...

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