Friday, August 8, 2014

Smirking Monster

Gen Con is next week and that means 110% of my attention is on getting last minute things taken care of and getting all my ducks in their rows. Even with all this happening the blog must go on. Today I have for you a drawing I did a little while back and it has finally risen to the top of the blog queue. I present you with the Smirking Monster...

Smirking Monster
  9x 12
colored pencil on paper
© 2014 Christopher Burdett

This was started out as a doodle, but soon got out of hand and became a finished drawing. They all too often do that. Not sure what else to add about this one... it is a monster, and it appears to be smirking... or maybe not. He will be with me at Gen Con for those interested in taking it home with them.

Here are a couple images that I captured of the drawing coming together. Since it was a doodle that took on its own life I did not do a good job of documenting the entire process. Better then nothing and it is free...

Smirking Monster process
© 2014 Christopher Burdett

That is all for another exciting week on the blog! See you back here next week for most likely some Star Wars, maybe a dragon, and GEN CON! Until then...

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