Monday, January 7, 2013

Wookiee Navigator

Back in 2011 I began working on the Star Wars games being worked on over at Fantasy Flight Games. The very first piece I produced was the Wookiee Navigator for the core set of Star Wars: The Card Game. I am very happy to now be able to share it. Here is how the FINAL Wookiee Navigator turned out...

Wookiee Navigator
© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

I have mentioned my affinity to Star Wars before on the blog... and then there was the photos of my office that should drive the point home. I have wanted to "make Star Wars" since I was a very small child watching Star Wars in the theater back in 1977. It has taken a little time and some work but I finally got to make myself some Star Wars. I am glad to say I have more on the way and I look forward to sharing it! Here is how the final card turned out...

 Wookiee Navigator in card form

This piece went through some revisions late in its development and there were some tense moments. I will have a in depth breakdown of the process and the revisions that went into this piece on Wednesday. Many thanks goes out to Zoe Robinson for involving me in the project and for getting us both through the revisions!

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday for more Wookiee fun! Until then...

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