Monday, January 14, 2013

CG Beast by Gustavo Labrador García

Many moons ago... all the way back in 2009 I created a monster concept illustration while I was trying to get my feet back under me and "Get Serious". This aptly named Beast Concept was one of two showcase pieces I used on this very blog and at the time a very newly revamped website. In time between then and now the piece eventually drifted off my website but still remains in the archives of this blog and over on Deviant Art. The piece did not go unnoticed by Gustavo Labrador García who approached me with the interest to make a CG version as part of his education and advancement in CG modeling and texture work. Before we take a look at Gustavo's great work here is my monster that he was starting with...

Beast Concept
© 2009 Christopher Burdett 

I get so many notes, emails, and messages that sometimes they all blend together and I miss stuff. When I got a message from Gustavo it caught my attention and piqued my interest. Gustavo asked for permission to use my work prior to starting - and that goes a long way! Gustavo has a nice blog HERE and there is a post dedicated to this creature HERE. Here are the images he included on his blog of his progress and work of making the Beast Concept into a CG model...

 CG Beast by Gustavo Labrador García

I think it turned out pretty cool! It is always very humbling and extremely flattering to have someone want to take something I have made and do something more with it. There is part of me that also thinks it must all be a big mistake and they meant to contact someone else.  Thanks again goes to Gustavo for the interest in modeling my monster! It turned out great and it is really neat to see in come to life.

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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  1. Wow nicely done! (concept & 3D model)

  2. wonderful work on his part, I think he really captured the texture of the hide nicely.