Monday, August 13, 2012

Gen Con Charity Custom Mighty Mugg

If you are familiar with Gen Con you might be familiar with the work of Matthew Teets. Matthew or "The Charity Auction Dice Bag Guy" hosts an auction at Gen Con to raise money for a different charity each year. Typically he gets attending artists to customize a dice bag (like I did last year) but he has been branching out to play mats and this year he had blank Mighty Mugg figures. I jumped at the chance to work on the Mighty Mugg! So if you are attending Gen Con this year and want to own a custom plague zombie by me and want the money going to a good cause, here is your chance!

 He is coming to get you Barbara!

 Plague Zombie full turnaround in all its glory! RAWR!


 I can't make a zombie without the guts dripping all over the place... I have standards!

The charity this year is the Stars Youth Foundation, hopefully there are plenty of zombie lovers out that to help his plague ridden monster bring is a lot to help out this organization. Some months back Jon Schindehette put a call out for artists interested in doing Dungeons & Dragon themed custom Might Muggs for Gen Con and I REALLY wanted to be involved but my schedule at the time just would not let me.  I am glad I still had an opportunity to work on a custom Mighty Mugg and hopefully this way it will be helping out others.

Next stop GEN CON! I will be arriving in Indianapolis on Wednesday, so I am not sure if there will be a post on Wednesday, but I will be doing my best to post images from each day on the blog to share in the fun!
See you later this week at Gen Con! Until then...

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