Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gen Con 2012 - Day 3

DAY 3 of Gen Con 2012! The big day! Looking back at yesterday it is all a bit of a blur... the con was PACKED and there was always a constant stream of folks coming by. I did SO many drawings and signed a lot of stuff. Fun times! I think I got away from the table for two quick breaks and to stretch my legs and navigating the hordes in the hall was tricky. A lot of con announcements were made and a lot of new products can now be talked about, including somethings I have been working on. Here are some highlights of the day, but starting things off is an image I forgot to post as part of Friday, Day 2...

I had a shirt made for the con and I wore it on Friday... it got the point across... 

The new Lord of the Rings 'Battle of Lake-town' print on demand expansion was premiered at the con and put on display. I have three new Smaug pieces in the set including the front of the package! RAWR! 

The new Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games was also announced! I happened to work on this as well and some of my art was spoiled as part of the announcement! So look for that coming to the blog in the near future... RAWR!

Wil Wheaton stopped by artist alley and the booth early in the day. He and I have a con history... but he does not know it... because I was working in costume... but that is a story for another day...

Sketchbook monster! 

And another monster!

...and another.

AND another monster.... RAWR!

They just kept coming!

Play mats were not overlooked!

I got my copy of the LotR expansion! 

 We followed the trail of the great tentacled one to lead us to madness... and dinner...

That is all for Day 3, there was more of course... so much more, but there is never enough time and some stories are best saved for later. Getting ready for the last day of the con, but not looking forward to everything coming to an end. See you back here tomorrow to see how Day 4 comes together!

That is all for another exciting day on the blog, see you back here tomorrow! Until then...

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  1. Wheeeeaaaatoooonn! I love the shirt. Will you be selling them as well as creatua libri 3?

    1. Maybe, looking into the details, as of now they cost more to make then I can sell them for.