Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My first TeeFury shirt - NEXT WEEK!

As I mentioned last week on October 13th (one week from today!) my first TeeFury shirt will be available for sale! The shirt will be only on sale for the 24 hours that make up October 13th so you will need to mark your calendars and be ready to buy 10 - 20 of these bad boys! I am sure you are still wondering what this shirt is going to have on it... how about a giant beetle that is just trying to blend in...

"Blending In" - Available through on Oct 13th for 24 hours!
© 2010 Christopher Burdett

Sure to become an instant collectors item you will need to buy enough to last the rest of your life. Be sure to buy in various sizes to accommodate the possible changes your body might go through. I of course only mean all this in jest... or do I?

We are heading into the holiday gift season and who would not want to find one of these waiting for them on one of any number of gift giving events that may or may not be associated with any number of major or minor religious or secular events...

That is enough of a sales pitch for today. I will be back here on Friday with my official submission to the ArtOrder Lovecraft Creature Lab Challenge. Until then...

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