Monday, July 10, 2023

Inifinity Con 2023 Recap

This past weekend was Infinity Con 2023 in Tallahassee, Fl. As the hometown convention, it was great to take part and share my art with a local crowd. It was an amazing weekend, and it flew by. Saturday was a crazy busy day with huge crowds from open to close, with the typical slump around 4:00 being a little noticeable. Sunday was slower but still a fun day. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet many awesome folks and share my work with them. The convention was bigger, better, and busier than last year. And last year was really great. My sales were up, mainly because of original sales, which is wonderful. Nearly all of the sales were for books and items related to the Grand Bazaar - which is to be expected as that is what I now focus the booth on. It is a true pleasure to share the Grand Bazaar with people and to see some of the excitement I have for the world rub off on others. I did not see much of the show this year, but I did have time to catch up with friends, do a panel, and pick up some vinyl. Here are images and additional thoughts about this past weekend. 

The booth is a little different each time it appears in the wild as each event is a little different and offers different opportunities and (spacial) challenges. This year at Infinity Con, the top banner and podium are new. They were added at Gen Con last year. They really tie the booth together.

Before the booth is all pretty and ready for the convention, it starts as a pile of boxes and totes. I had to set up by myself this year, but it all turned out fine. It took two trips to get the booth to the venue due to only having one car to use. This is one of the many reasons I now use a trailer for conventions.

After the work is all done, the booth is ready for the crowds!

I pose with the booth!

I have been on many panels with Mark Maddox at Pensacon, so it was fun to have just the two of us doing a panel here in our home city. We talked about monsters, making art, and a lot of other slightly related topics. Thank you to all who brought questions to the panel.

As I mentioned, I did sell some originals at Infinity Con. Always nice to know they are going to a wonderful forever home. Thank you, Gail!

I pose with the booth again!

My friend R2 stopped by the booth this weekend to say hi. 
Unfortunately, we don't serve their kind here. All droids must be taken outside :)

Lastly, a vendor was selling an amazing selection of vinyl.
Since it was such a great weekend, I treated myself to some treasures.

A huge thanks go out to David Heringer for having me as a guest and hosting such a fun event, my wife Achsa for all her help over the weekend, and all those that attended Infinity Con 2023 this weekend and stopped by to learn more about the Grand Bazaar!

That's all for another exciting Monday on the blog. See you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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