Monday, August 23, 2021

Fortune Teller - The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia

I am happy to share another new piece from The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia. This illustration is slated for Book Three: In the Black. This piece focuses on a hapless Kiplorb coming to terms with their life choices and how trapping a being not meant for this level of existence may not have been the best idea. The captured being, only known as Uncle, bides its time for now as it shares possible futures for any that place a coin in the bowl. I present to you the Fortune Teller.

Fortune Teller
The Grand Bazaar of Ethra Dalia - In the Black
13 x 17 - Pencil, ink, and acrylic paint on paper
Original - Available
© 2021 Christopher Burdett
Fortune Teller - Drawing 
13 x 17 - Pencil on paper
© 2021 Christopher Burdett
Typically, I share the final art and the line drawing that will eventually become the line art in a coloring book. As with all of my work, I start with reference images and a digital sketch to work out the idea in my head for these pieces. You should be able to draw a straight line from the digital sketch to the finished art. More detail is added, and elements are fleshed out along the way, but the overall piece is locked in during the sketch. Here is the sketch for the Fortune Teller.
Fortune Teller - Sketch 
13 x 17 - Digital
© 2019 Christopher Burdett

Some Kiplorb still possess a dwindling spark of the power their ancestors use to freely wield. Some are aware of the spark and use it to its fullest, and some cause significant troubles as they blindly flex power no longer reigned in my knowledge and experience. When you find yourself in the control of a vastly old and dangerously powerful being, you will so come to the realization that you are now in a cage of your own making, for if the being was to ever escape, your remaining days of life would be spent in great pain.

As a bonus, I have some images of the rendering process of this piece so that you can get a better idea of it taking shape.  

Fortune Teller - Process
© 2021 Christopher Burdett

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog. See you back here on Wednesday! Until then...     

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