Friday, April 24, 2020

Kickstarter Roundup - Panakal

Today on the blog, I wanted to point out a current Kickstarter project by my friend Allen Panakal that I think you all might be interested in. Allen is a singular artist with a bold and unique style. His work stands out from the majority of the artists I know, and for me, it was instantly captivating. If you have not already checked him out, you should do so NOW!

Here is some more information about the project in Allen's own words:

"The Ancient Ones is about one man’s discovery of extraterrestrial civilizations that have been manipulating humanity. As he travels the Milky Way, a seemingly chance encounter with an alien cabal makes him realize that he is the key to a galactic world machine. Now, he's tasked with saving Earth or letting it perish along with many other planets.

I've been illustrating the Ancient Ones since 2014, but I've been writing it since 2009. This is Book One of a potential four-book series. I'm slowly creating my own sci-fi world for my characters and stories to live in. I'm asking for your help to make these books a reality."

As a builder of worlds and a teller of stories, I am SO excited about Allen's first book becoming a reality. He needs your help now to get this project over the finish line. As I write this, it is well on its way to being funded.

There are many tiers to support Allen and his work at, as well as a ton of add-ons so that you can get as much of his work as you would like. There are even high-end tiers where you can get large metal prints of his key pieces, AND they are offered at an exclusive discounted price. We are stocking up on the metal bookmarks, you can never have too many bookmarks! Now is the time to support Allen and ensure that his project becomes a reality! Head over the Kickstarter and check out this fantastic project!
  That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here next week! Until then...

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