Friday, April 17, 2020

From the Vault: Social Norms Campaign

Over a decade ago, I was asked to create some social norms posters for a group that was targeting high school students in the Florida Panhandle. For those unfamiliar with social norms campaigns, it is a strategy to show that the majority of students in a given area do not take part in underage drinking, smoking, illegal drugs, etc. It shows that harmful and unlawful behavior is not as typical as it might appear and should be avoided. This work was done through the day job, and I wanted to approach it by using some of the popular internet memes of the time. What was hot at the time are now blasts from the past. I am not sure whatever happened to this project, I had to leave it to address higher priority assignments and the team that was brought it seemed to flounder in my absence. I do not think that any of my work was ever used, and that might be for the best. Here are some mockups, comps, and final versions for your viewing pleasure. 

The owls were a popular meme of the time, and I thought they were fun.

I ended up doing a lot of owl images.

HA! HA! I always like this guy.

This is where we really strayed into dicey territory. The client insisted that we had a lot of flexibility with copyright and trademark due to the nature of the campaign. I was not as well versed with copyright as I am now, but even then, this seems a bit sketchy. Nothing was ever done with them, so hopefully no harm and no foul. I miss Ask a Ninja.

This was most likely my favorite of the ones that I made.

I assured the client that the students would understand this one.

I think this was as close to a completed version of any of my posters as I got. We looped back around to the owls, and that seemed to click with the client.

Maybe one of these made it out into the world, but I really think that none of them did. Oh well. It was a fun distraction at the time and allowed me to do something a little different.

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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