Thursday, October 29, 2015

Illuxcon 2015 - Part 3

Today I have for you the third part of my Illuxcon 2015 coverage! Saturday was the opening of the Weekend Salon and looking back now, I have no idea where the day went. It is now all a blur. I still needed to address a couple of things when I arrived early and when 10am rolled around I was ready to go. I did a lot of drawing and sketching on Saturday. The Ancient Carp artist proofs were very popular as was my new sketchbook.

The second night of the Showcase was almost as busy as the first night. To make things more interesting everyone was in costume to bring a little bit of Halloween to Illuxcon. It was all a ton of fun! J Anthony Kosar did a special makeup application during the Showcase and drew a big crowd. It sure did bring back a lot of memories.

All in all, Saturday was a really amazing day, though looking back now it was all a blur. The hours few by and I met so many great people and talked to them about my art. Fun times at Illuxcon 2015! 

Here are some images of things seen and done at Illuxcon 2015...

Cockatrice sketch in a sketchbook.

Dragon sketch in another sketchbook.

I drew a lot of Ancient Carp at Illuxcon this year. SO many carp. Here are a few of them...

Bossk sketch on an artist proof. RAWR!

The Illuxcon brochure on display... a very public place.

The Allentown Museum of Art is all decked out in its Illuxcon colors.

Saturday night at the Showcase was Halloween fun time and both Freddie Mercury and Wonder Woman were there.

J Anthony Kosar was bringing back all the Hollywood memories with his makeup application at the Showcase Saturday night.

J Anthony Kosar painting on the man with a fishy look.

A little more paint and the Deep One will live a breath at Illuxcon 2015.

The most excellent Sam and Loraine Flegal in their award winning costume.

See you back here tomorrow for more Illuxcon coverage! Until then...

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