Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Illuxcon 2015 - Part 2

Today I have for you the second part of my Illuxcon 2015 coverage! This year for me, as previously mentioned, was all about the Weekend Salon. Preparing for it, looking forward to it, setting it up, being in it, packing it all up again, sending it home... I had Weekend Salon on the brain.

Since my time at Illuxcon was so limited, for the first time I did not take advantage of any of the lectures or demos. I spent Wednesday evening and all of Thursday taking in the Main Show because I knew I would be spending all of Friday setting up the my booth in the Salon and then would be at my booth all day Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to make sure I met up with friends to see their art, check out the new attending artists in the Main Show, and in general take in everything in a super short amount of time. This did not leave me any extra time for lectures and demos... which all looked AMAZING.

From 10am till 4pm I was in nonstop set up mode for the Salon. I did not stop and there was not a spare moment. I was exhausted by the end of it, but it all go done. There was only one casualty in shipping, the glass on my Krampus drawing broke into three pieces. The drawing was untouched and Sean Murray was nice enough to pick me up a sheet of Plexiglas on his supply run. All in all, I consider myself lucky with this being my first shipment of originals to a show. Now to wait for them to return. The time flew by and at the end of the day my booth was all set up and I think it looked pretty darn good, if I say so myself. After set up at Gen Con I feel like I will just have to accept that I will spend most conventions hot and sweaty for 90% of the event.

The Showcase opened Friday night at the hotel ballroom. It was really crazy to not be behind a table after so many years of setting up at the Showcase. While I did get to look around a little last year I feel that this year's Showcase was bigger and better then ever before. So many awesome people and so much great art could be seen! Really nice to able to take it all in for once... though it was a little cramped for my taste. After everything there was a ton of socializing and fun to be had. Since the Salon began at 10am on Saturday I could not stay up as late as I wanted, but I knew there would be more fun as the weekend wore on.

Here are some images of things seen and done at Illuxcon 2015...

All my boxes and suitcases containing all my art in one place. Now to unpack everything and set it all up... only six hours of work to go!

The one glass casualty. Hopefully the tape that I had put on it saved it from being worse.

Dear wife was a volunteer this year and braved her fear of heights to work on the lighting.

Everything is out of the boxes! The drawings are at least on their was to being done... all the paintings still need to be hung.

I brought a lot of drawings! Many different sizes and price points.

All the paintings and framed drawing taunt me from the floor.

AND.... DONE! Six hours later it was all complete and ready for the opening Saturday morning.

Another view of my booth, now I just need to wait for all the people to come pouring in.

This year I kept forgetting to take pictures of stuff. I was in the moment and enjoying Illuxcon and not thinking about taking pictures for the blog. Thankfully, I remembered to get some images of the Showcase.

Familiar faces and great art!

More of the Showcase. These images may not fully show just how full of people and art the Showcase was this year. SO MUCH AWESOME!

One last shot of the Showcase.

Got my hands on some of these bad boys! RAWR!

Kirby is the best Illuxcon dog ever!

At Illuxcon, in the late hours of the night, you can wield great power with pizza.

See you back here tomorrow for more Illuxcon coverage! Until then...

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  1. I can't believe I never found Kirby! Thanks for the Krampus cards. They are sure to weird my mother out ")