Monday, January 6, 2014

Talisman - The Nether Realm

Quick note before I get things going today... at the beginning of each January here on the blog I have done a previous year's highs and low and lessons learned. The look back at 2013 is coming, it has just been a little delayed due to events beyond my control.

With that out of the way... I have a interesting piece for you today. Not only is this piece very old, it is just now being released, and with its release it marks that last work done for a license that I am fond of. I am referring to the Sea Drago... er, I mean the ARCANE Dragon that has recently surfaced in the newest expansion for the Talisman board game, The Nether Realm...

Arcane Dragon
© 2014 Fantasy Flight Games

I created this piece in November / December  2010 for The Dragons expansion for Talisman. For whatever reason this particular dragon did not make the original cut, but finally... after three years... here it is. YAYS! It is finally out... too bad it is three years old and I would have done is all totally differently now. The Dragons expansion was also the last time I worked on the Talisman franchise... though I have had new cards in almost all the expansions since. I did so much work the The Dragons that is was not all used and kept appearing in various later sets. Also, if you didn't catch it earlier, this piece was originally called the "SEA" dragon... since its uncanny resemblance to the leafy and not so leafy sea dragon (look them up!). Here is how the final card turned out...

Arcane Dragon in handy card form

The Arcane dragon was not the only piece of mine that appears in The Nether Realm! A pair of other previously released piece show up as well. The much more successful and better looking Storm Dragon is always a welcomed sight... then there is the... uh, Basilisk...

Storm Dragon
© 2011/2014 Fantasy Flight Games

© 2010/2014 Fantasy Flight Games

The Basilisk is a number of things, it is not only the very first piece that I ever did for Fantasy Flight Games, it is my very first Talisman card, and it is very BAD. Dating back to 2009 it shows lots of potential... and lots of rookie mistakes and an expected level of inexperience. Which is all to be expected, this was from 2009 when I was getting my career and art rebuilt from the ground up. Maybe at a latter date when it is more relevant to current work I can go in and point out the issues with this piece (oh, the humanity... that anatomy!) and how it could be fixed.

Here are how the cards for this two repeat pieces turned out... for the basilisk, since it was printed so small it actually made it better...

Storm Dragon in handy card form

Basilisk in handy card form

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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  1. Hi Chris, congratulations. I like your dragons very much. Do you do character artwork, too? Cheers, nic

    1. Thanks, but these are all very old. What kind of characters are you wondering about? I specialize in monsters and they have a lot of character. My website has a lot of examples of my work as well as the many entries here on the blog.