Friday, January 24, 2014

Spectrum 21 and Artist Selfies

Well... it is Spectrum submission time again. I have written about spectrum several times before here on the blog and you can read more HERE. Not sure I have anything new to add about Spectrum this year save that I did in fact submit some pieces for consideration in Spectrum 21. ...against my better judgment.
If you are going to submit to Spectrum 21 you better hurry, the deadline is today!

I have absolutely no anticipations or belief that my work will get accepted, but if I don't submit I know that it is 100% certain that I will not be accepted. Unfortunately, the pieces I was REALLY excited about submitting I have found myself unable to submit. The License for these images is held by a rather larger company and I tried to acquire the permission to submit to no avail. My art director on the projects tried their best... no luck. I will try again for next year. The pieces fall in a weird gray zone between years so they may be still eligible for submission next year. Oh well... Spectrum time again, time for the best of the best to be honored and I have already established that I am merely, and happily, Okay

Hey! On a more positive and fun note, Lauren Panepinto posted a great article about artists and their reference selfies. She got some really great artist to contribute their selfie reference photos and the final illustrations that they belong to and shared them over on Muddy Colors. You owe to yourself to go check out the fun, especially if you don't know about Muddy Colors and especially if you are not using reference!
Selfies... everybody is doing it... why aren't you?

Lauren did a call out on Facebook for additional artist selfies and I could not resist because I have SO many of them. I am every monster I make... so I have just a few silly photos laying around. SEE, all these years of me preaching about using reference is not some personal cause, EVERYBODY uses reference. For my submission of a selfie I went with my piece I did for the D&D Halls of Undermountain book, Wroot the Goblin. It was a fun photo shoot and I am happy with how the final turned out...

  Ridiculous artist selfie and final Wroot the Goblin
© 2012 Wizards of the Coast

Again, take some time if you haven't already to go check out Muddy Colors and the artist selfies! RAWR!

That is all for another exciting week on the blog! See you back here on Monday! Until then...

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  1. Love the selfie! Nice shadow too

    1. Thanks! :) I got a million of them... but only a handful will see the light of day...

  2. Dude, I'm with you on the Spectrum thing. For what it's worth, you've been an amazing inspiration to follow and I know you've got a better shot than you think. Also, the ridiculous consistency and discipline of maintaining your blog the way you do blows my mind. Best of luck to ya!

    1. Thanks! Though luck has very little to do with it...

      Glad I can help by example! ...or at least share enough mistakes so that other know what to look out for.

      The blog had become a living breathing creature unto itself and can not be stopped... it is taking over my life :P