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Chronicle of the Righteous Process - Feathered Friends

Back in June I brought you my contributions to the Pathfinder supplement, Chronicle of the Righteous, a book containing good leaning monsters. Today I have for you part one of the process steps that went into making these monsters. Since there are five of them I figured it would be best to split them up across two days, so the second half will show up on Wednesday.

Starting things off are a bunch of feathered friends... Tannagar, Shei, and Angelic Familiar. So that we are all on the same page, here are how the final pieces that appeared in the book turned out...

Tannagar, Shei, and Angelic Familiar
© 2013 Paizo Publishing

These all came together pretty much in the same set of step, just like the rest of my work, but since they are on a white background... or rather a transparent background I have to build the image up slightly differently. Once I have an approved drawing to work from I use the lasso tool to make a silhouette of the image that all other layers are masked to. This allows me to be a sloppy as I want to be without worry about the outer edge of the figure. This does not mean that the silhouette remains untouched and unchanged. I will go back and add or subtract from it through out the painting process to make sure the image works. Here is a graphic that hopefully will help explain it better...

Image breakdown with mask layer on bottom

For me, this works very well for creating an isolated figure that needs to be separate from the background. But as I always say, you need to find what works well for you and this method might not. I know there are many other ways to go about creating an image like this.

Since these are all very similar in the process and the only elements that are different are the images I think we will just fly through them and if anything needs to be pointed out I will mention it... other then that... lots of things to look at...

Tannagar - Thumbnails
© 2013 Paizo Publishing

The original thumbnail for option 'B' did not have the normal sized owls in it. They were a request by production so that you could get a feel for just how big Tannagar was. I added them and resubmitted and they really do help the image a lot.

Tannagar - Drawing
© 2013 Paizo Publishing
Tannagar - Process
© 2013 Paizo Publishing

Shei - Thumbnails
© 2013 Paizo Publishing

You might notice that option 'A' is taller then the other two. This was another production request. They felt that she was a little to short in the legs so I lengthened her and resubmitted. 

Shei - Drawing
© 2013 Paizo Publishing

Shei - Process
© 2013 Paizo Publishing

If the left hand looks a little weird in the process step by step that is because near the end of painting Shei I felt the hand was just in the wrong position and maybe the wrong size. To deal with that I had to adjust the masking silhouette layer as well as the painting layer. This will sometimes create very weird looking effects when it is all finished.

Angelic Familiar - Thumbnails
© 2013 Paizo Publishing

Angelic Familiar - Drawing
© 2013 Paizo Publishing

Reference is your friend. Wings are complicated and can look instantly wrong if you are not careful. I looked at a lot of birds in flight to make sure I got these to look and feel correct.

Angelic Familiar - Process
© 2013 Paizo Publishing

That is all for the process that went into these. I will have the remaining two for you on Wednesday!

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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