Monday, October 1, 2012

My life as a crappy artist - Sahrvin Demon variants #1

Back in July I shared with you my work on the Sahrvin Demon for the Angel series. I mentioned that I had originally created several designs mostly for myself since I was not on the design team for the initial push for this demon. Those designs were eventually submitted to production but were all rejected. Today I have for you one of the designs that I liked the idea of a lot.

Even though the Sahrvin Demons were desert demons I imagined them maybe not so suited for such a rugged environment. What if they were a little squishy and had to wear protective gear? What if the part that was not covered was a little more suited for the desert climate? What if a demon had to wear a super cool zip up the front suit that had goggles built into the front so that there could be a super cool reveal of the demon? What if indeed...

RAWR! I was unwanted and deemed unpractical...
© 2003 Almost Human

As I mentioned, I really liked the idea of this design and thought it made for something a little more interesting. At the time I might not have been able to express those ideas well... what with the weird higher left shoulder area... the weird lean of everything to the left... and general muddy darkness to everything. I had some free time in the last couple months to revisit my original designs and I came up with something newer...

Taking one of the unused Sahrvin Demon concepts back!
© 2012 Christopher Burdett

The big complaint that always seemed to comeback to us is that the demon needed to be able to talk... that the actors needed to be able to speak in the makeups. Talking is over rated... they are demons, it is all about the RAWR. With this newer version I went with a more usable mouth and gill like squishy stuff on the sides rather than the original horror show of a 'mouth' area in front there. Tried to make the wardrobe a lot more interesting and believable with this new version as well. I am really happy with how this new version turned out, I find it pleasing as an image and design.

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here for an exciting Wednesday! Until then...

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